I am a Definite Optimist.
I love to create something that bothers people.
I love to find a niche point based on the application of the new technology.

As soon as I entered the basic officer training, I talked to myself “Don’t lose yourself!!” because many of the people worried about losing one’s creativity at the strict environment. I knew, I was a creative person because I was educated in the United States for 8 years, 4 years in the high school and 4 years in the college. As I started working as a chief of the administration section, I read two books, one was the Start-up Nation and the other was the Outlier.

The Start-up Nation was about Israeli startup culture which was about “chutzpah,” being able to challenge the authority. And the Outlier was about being able to communicate is a key in society. So I tried to perform “chutzpah” during my military service. I worked at the jet fighter squadron and there were 50+ officers who were higher ranks and I had 10 people under me. So, 50+ pilots were at first surprised by me but as time goes they learned to be a real leader. Instead of giving an order they learned they have to listen, too. Also, I push myself to the 100% because I have to do my work perfect in order to challenge the authority. I really enjoyed 3 years of service at the air force.

After the military service, soon I joined the TIDE Institute. It was a non-profit organization which teaches entrepreneurship to the people. At the same time, they run the Fab Lab Seoul. It was natural to start a hardware accelerator, TIDE-X combining Entrepreneurship and the Fab Lab. I joined the TIDE-X at the start. As a team we raised 5 startups and it was basically like “the startup raised 5 hardware startups.” One of the startup was the Dot, which makes a braille watch for the blind. As a head of engineering management, I tried to make businesses out of it. Soon I made the modules necessary to the hardware startups. I am proud of what I did because I contributed to the people who is pursuing their dreams and helping people.

We Go Together!!🇺🇸🇰🇷 US-KOR Alliance