LINK1 : Don – Yes   The graphic is from the WEBGL of P5.JS. I made a music composed with FL Studio which is YES. The other is Grace’s recent music, You don’t own me. So, YES conveys my thought process well. The music is continuously in loop. The musical sense is in a normal


I started with a chair at the Autocad and later changed to the table. I named it as the Doberman Table because the black legs of the table remind me of the Doberman breed canine. In terms of an assembly, I made pockets bit smaller which is better than bigger. Getting all 4 pieces into


I wanted to make a joinery that can change its movement. I was thinking what if I could use it to a chair or a recliner. So I designed the circle as the point of the movement and designed in a way that I can make by contouring and pocketing. After that, I managed the process


I discussed the dadaism and appropriation of art. The final work of me is Doochamp. The appropriation of my own work, Rhythm & Wind. In terms of fabrication, I made the Rhythm & Wind with wooden box, fan, light bulb, Arduino, sewing machine pedal and code. So in these days, we see many interactive art coded


So I wanted to make a simple clothes hanger. I wanted to make it by press-fit structure. I measured the thicknesses,width and height of the board before sketching at the Vectorworks/AutoCAD. From the measurements, I made a square 48 inch by 24 inch and squished the design into this square. As I am working on the


    It was presented at the NYU Winter Show 2015.  A. CONCEPT The concept never got into my mind until starring at the fan and the midterm together when I was at the floor. First I thought of using a sewing machine but I could not handle and elaborate the mechanisms of the sewing machine


WHAT’S BEHIND Proposal The original plan was to make a visualization of mathematical equation. If you are familiar with Maya there is phong function. The function that changes the surface of the object in 3D. However, the Phong is named after a mathematician whose name is Phong. So, what we see on the screen is


        RHYTHM & WATER A. IDEATION I and Michelle Hessel wanted to do something with water. So, we thought of using water, a container and sound. As we improve our idea, we concluded to use the water as the instrument. So we named it R&W(Rhythm & Water) like R&B(Rhythm & Blues). B. EXECUTION


      HOW IT’S MADE >> TASK : Fabricate something using primarily two different materials.  The materials cannot be acrylic or plywood (unless you are gluing up your own plywood). 1. Inspiration I wanted to make a nice slick look lamp for my room. Why? I had a $ 8.00 work light from the


How it’s made : Blog TASK : Make multiples of something, 5 or more. The objects must be a multi-process piece. (NOT 5 things made solely on the laser cutter or 3D printers). 1. Inspiration A. I wanted cost-efficient on the product. “Cost-efficient” meaning, Low cost at high Wow effect. B. I found nice pieces of


Attended the virtual classes of Fab Academy 2015. I made a robotic hand triggered by the hall magnetic sensor to grab an object. It involved with Laser Cutting, PCB making and Arduino programming. Link to the weekly assignments and the final work. >>