TIDE-X Hardware Accelerator

TIDE-X Hardware Accelerator Team (2014) http://tidex.kr/ 1. Background Launching a hardware accelerator, TIDE-X. Joined as a head of engineering management of the team, one of three team members. 2. Accelerator Work WORK DESCRIPTION Management Work Process, Necessity Analysis, Strategic Management Engineering Hardware Prototype, Mass Production, Engineering Consultation Global Hardware Accelerator Network Design Creative Concept Design, Web

SK Prototype Lab Seoul

SK Prototype Lab Seoul Project (2014) 1. Client : SK Telecom http://sktincubator.com/ 2. Background As a contractor, Fab Lab Seoul played a role of a hardware prototype lab of the SK Incubator. 3. SK Prototype Lab WORK DESCRIPTION PROGRAM MONTHLY EDUCATION, BASIC EDUCATION, WORKSHOP DESIGN DESIGN STUDY CAD 3D MODELING PROTOTYPE 3D PRINTER, LASER CUTTER, 4-AXIS

Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center

Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center Operation Project (2014) http://policy.creativekorea.or.kr/ 1. Client : SK Telecom 2. Background Operate the prototype lab and the program venue to promote the hardware startups and entrepreneurship community in Daejeon. 3. Operation WORK DESCRIPTION OPERATION MANAGEMENT, ENGINEERING, MARKETING, PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM MONTHLY EDUCATION, BASIC EDUCATION, WORKSHOP, HOSTING EVENT DISSEMINATION SOCIAL NETWORK SERVICES,

K-Global SW Accelerator

K-Global SW Accelerator Project (2014) https://www.k-startup.go.kr/ 1. Client : Government 2. Background Accelerate 5 startups with Government matching fund. 3. Startups TEAM DESCRIPTION Dot Inc Smart Braille Watch for Blind People Pet Fit Smart Device for Pet Fitness Ino-on Inc Uber for Parking Spot Deimos Defense Inc Smart Pepper Spray ConsiderC Virtual Experience for Indoor

K-ICT Device Lab

K-ICT Device Lab Operation Project (2014) http://www.devicelab.kr/ 1. Client : Government 2. Background  Creating a digital fabrication lab to promote ICT startup community. Providing a work flow from ideation to market entry. 3. Operation  WORK DESCRIPTION MANAGEMENT IDEATION > EDUCATION > PROTOTYPE > CERTIFICATION> MARKET ENTRY DIGITAL Web based Project Management System HR MANAGEMENT, ENGINEERING,