V2B (VR 2 BIZ)

  VR for Industrial Designers with LEAP Motion   A. Background V2B stands for VR 2 Biz. It is a term borrowed from the B2B and B2C which are biz 2 biz and biz to consumer. Many of the VR products right now is B2C that individuals play games with it. Also, in terms of creating


  Making a Truly Synchronous Chat by Matching Word Bubbles   LINK TO THE WORK: https://dyk286.itp.io:8080/index3.html 1. BACKGROUND We have a common sense in conversation that we keep ourselves quiet when the other person speaks. It is true that overlapping one’s voice over the other is rude. However, we have this social norm implemented in the chatting too. The


❒ LETS : Efficient Platform to Make People Social in Real World. ❒ Online services promote strengthening the physical community by joining the online community these days. However, after people joining the online community based on the physical relationship, the actual physical interaction weakens over time. We have hundreds of Facebook friends but it only