Would you auto your milk with bread?

“People also viewed” and “People also bought” are great marketing tools of digital shopping experience. Cling to human shopping demand is a key to increase the sales. Drawing human curiosity is a real effective nudge. The other nudge we see often is “Orders over $100 are free shipping.” Making a consumer to target the amount


Making Immersive VR through the Change of the Perspective. So, I have been interested in the height of the vision  that I wanted to try the vision at the lower level. So I made the VR with the vision of the dog. I used the fig rig, rope and paper cups. First , I gave


Is future of SNS Burberry Chat? When Angela Ahrendts, a former CEO of Burberry joined the Apple people were not so sure what caused that. People assumed she would do a job making the Apple Watch more luxurious product rather than any electronic devices. And later we found seventeen thousand dollar Apple watch edition and


Presentation file :FOTNM_PRESv1 The future of new era that every individual can access new technology. The barriers of accessing to the any form of technology is low that everyone can make anything and that will lead to a new trend of entrepreneurship. “Optimistic Indeterminate” is borrowed from the Zero to One, written by Peter Thiel.