I discussed the dadaism and appropriation of art. The final work of me is Doochamp. The appropriation of my own work, Rhythm & Wind. In terms of fabrication, I made the Rhythm & Wind with wooden box, fan, light bulb, Arduino, sewing machine pedal and code.





So in these days, we see many interactive art coded on servo, light, projector, kinect, etc. So as Duchamp questioned its era of art by the toilet and called “Fountain.” I stripped down my own work into very purest interactive art requires minimum action. The action of plugging in the power cord is the purest interactive moment of this art.



However, the fan itself has a long history. Once it was owned by an ITP student, Joe Mango and it was thrown away  to the junk. I grabbed it from the junk and I enjoyed the fan in hot days. People wanted some gust of winds and I let them enjoying it. So it has the word in red marker “enjoy” at the white cone. As days got colder it was sitting on the locker until I used it for the final project, Rhythm & Wind. The work conveyed the whimsicalness of wind and made to the ITP Spring show. After the show, the work got torn down and I kept the fan with a label, “Don Kim” The label was attached to make sure it survived over winter break. Now the label made a happy incident mimics Duchamp’s fountain signature, “R. Mutt.”