Table-top Alexa became a convention of how to implement human computer interaction in household. Amazon Alexa is well thought product because as it is from the distribution company, making a dominance in human life is priority here. Table-top was the backbone of the household economy where American Dad can easily make decision on consumption. On the other hand, speed followers, Google started catching up with the table-top Google home. Google which controls the flow of ubiquitous data lost the track on how to deal with the Table-top convention. Google Android in the smartphone is where all the data collected and enters to the digital. Google played well in data collection in the Web and in the smartphone by marketing editology. People pretty much implant the Android smartphone on their palms.  However, table-top convention confuses the people and Google also does not know how to make sales out of it. Google Next and smart grid can collect data and can be sold to secondary party but lack of convenience and practicality in table-top Google home can lose consumers where all the data is from. On contrary, Alexa became a portal of that consumers love the benefit of product suggestion. It plays the role of a butler who can buy stuff and relieve the effort of shopping. There is almost zero barrier because consumers would rather use voice recognition which might give a little hard time than driving out to the retailers. Google now started suggesting products just like advertisement in the Google search. Would consumers welcome the interference? The experiment will continue in the market. Google should start take a look at how to lower the hurdles and how to attract people from compared to two thumbs. Korean SK also introduced table-top Nugu to Korean market and other companies started introducing more. Korean conglomerate, SK which already runs 11St(Korean shopping as Amazon) can benefit from the table-top convention, suggesting products. Now, Apple also entered the table-top market. When it hits the market we will be able to see how they interpret its purpose of making sales.

Samsung recently launched Bixby where it resides in the smartphone just like its popularity in smartphones. Where does Samsung make sales? How would Bixby create sales?  Samsung already has a successful platform Samsung Pay. Samsung should start implement Samsung Pay into Bixby. All other white appliance should also have both Bixby and Samsung Pay. If it is a refrigerator with Bixby and Samsung Pay, it can instantly work with other consumer industries to order products. Galaxy phones already have a biometric data collecting like iris, finger print scanner which Alexa cannot compete against.

Autonomous driving is another form of artificial intelligence and people in the industry already prescribed HaaS(Hardware as a Service). GM is moving forward with subscription service in Cadillac brand. Consumers can subscribe cars and change cars monthly. The benefit of autonomous driving is well structured in this model because it can create direct sales. Subscribers can order cars and the autonomous cars will be delivered, basically will deliver by itself. Making sales out of the artificial intelligence is a key to success and companies like Amazon, GM which delivers the tangible products are moving forward looking at where to make sales.