I started with a chair at the Autocad and later changed to the table. I named it as the Doberman Table because the black legs of the table remind me of the Doberman breed canine.

IMG_1804 IMG_1803

In terms of an assembly, I made pockets bit smaller which is better than bigger. Getting all 4 pieces into the 4 holes was painful. I sanded them and it was now loose by hair. It was fit but easy to remove too. So I glued the top 4 pockets. Here is the result.

IMG_1799 IMG_1798 IMG_1797 IMG_1796 IMG_1795 IMG_1794

The pieces came out nicely except the black laminated piece was painful to get it out. The laminated was not cut clean I had to cut manually. After Cutting manually, I sanded the edges which torn off some of the laminates. So the parts which got torn off are placedĀ at the inside of the table.

IMG_1737 IMG_1736 IMG_1735 IMG_1734

At the master cam, I made three different G code because I had three different pieces of woods. Having multiple woods created multiple G codes. However at the CNC, it was much easier because I basically set the woods all together at the bed of the CNC. As CNC finishes one job, I switched the XYZ zeros to the new board and started cutting with the different files.


Here you may see the black wood is aligned next to the second piece.IMG_1732 IMG_1731 IMG_1730 IMG_1729 IMG_1728 IMG_1726 IMG_1725



IMG_1823 IMG_1822 IMG_1821 IMG_1820 IMG_1819 IMG_1818 IMG_1817 IMG_1816 IMG_1815 IMG_1814 IMG_1813 IMG_1812 IMG_1811 IMG_1810 IMG_1809 IMG_1808 IMG_1807 IMG_1806 IMG_1805