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The future of new era that every individual can access new technology. The barriers of accessing to the any form of technology is low that everyone can make anything and that will lead to a new trend of entrepreneurship. “Optimistic Indeterminate” is borrowed from the Zero to One, written by Peter Thiel. However, there is still a one last question left “what has to happen in order to have this entrepreneurship boom?” “What will motivate every individual to dive into the entrepreneurship?”

It is predetermined that entering to a new business, blue ocean will bring a huge compensation but we still have to see what triggers the most. It can be International Patent if the US clearly changes to the”first to file” instead of “first to invent.” Or just it can be¬†WYSWYG programming like IBM Bluemix that can serve web page with Watson AI. Or it can be AI that can code for the need of the people.